Thank You Blizzard!

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Well, I just thought I would thank Blizzard for this. I told myself I wouldn't create a thread. I kept quiet all day. I took work off to play on launch day. How idiotic.

I realize Diablo isn't the same game as WoW, but with multiple WoW expansions and a game called Starcraft ,2 can't a company prepare for a game like this? I was patient at 3am EST when the game "went live". I was patient at 4:30AM EST when I still trying to log in, but couldn't. I was patient at 7:30am when I woke up from a short nap to try again, only to find I couldn't create a character for an hour. I was patient at 5:00PM EST when I could finally join a game with a friend for the 30 minutes before a server maintenance shutdown.

And now servers are down again. Blizzard, I just want to thank you for the entire waste of a day I had today trying to get into your game that you've spent millions on. In case you didn't notice, that's sarcasm. This is from someone who owns every game you've made since Warcraft 2. You. Have. Failed.

I finally cracked open a beer a couple hours ago, seeing how smooth latency was for joining games, thinking, "man, I love Blizzard, this game is amazing", only to see, no, the game is not ready. I'm kicked out. I can't play. Nobody can play.

What a waste of a vacation day.

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