Continuous Lagging Issues with Diablo 3.

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Played D3 since day 1. But Since yesterday afternoon the game has become almost unplayable. The game play Lags like heck and nothing I have done including lowering gfx settings and Updating video drivers has fixed it.
This is a common problem.Why we must play D3 with the internet?
hey people same issue here, ever since the new update my game has been having constant response delays during any action done by me or the character..any help would be much appreciated

south africa region
Well idk for sure but I guess Blizzard has finally figured out they have a Latency problem(thank you auctions). But idk if it will help the main game or not i figured out its best to play earlier in the morning and late at night it usually works better but the only problem is your to sleepy to do anything or you don't want to wake up and it doesn't always work. I think the main cause of this lagging is there are to many servers with people playing it online by themselves so it may cause problems with some many people making their own servers just to play by themselves which I understand cause i do that also. But thats my theory on y these Battlenet servers are so bad. If the people who bought this game r the ones that have to end up trying to fix this lagging problem i think the best way to start is just keep joining public games.
I fixed my LAG. I had to upgrade the Video card in my DT so that I could play it. Even tho it was better than what D3 needed to run it would not run it on the size screen I had. I changed to a smaller screen before I got a new Card and it ran just fine. SO I got a 600 Watt PSU and a 1g min range but all i needed video card and it words great no lag at all. Some time I can see that my internet may lag some if more than 1 person in the house is doing some heavy internet stuff like also playing D3. LOL
Are you hooking it up to a bigger screen?
The game worked fine for me the first couple of days. Then one day, my monks fists go through the enemy and the enemies stop moving. Then my monk dies during the time that my game lagged. It has happened ever since, and it has nothing to do with my fast gaming rig. Unless the pdf file I downloaded is doing it. Why? WHY??? WHYYYYY????????
The game is pretty much unplayable, I bought it yesterday. I'm really upset about this, and it's a great game for the time I've been able to play, but I'm going to tell people they shouldn't buy it until the game plays well. Blizzard, please get the game to work. This is my first experience playing one of your games and I am certainly not impressed, I would get a refund and delete the game if I could.
my games lags so much i have a gaming laptop and i lag this is the olny game i lag with i payed money to play diablo 3 all it does is lag what do you guys have to say ?
The last 24 hours have been horrible and now the server won't even let me login. I understand the reticence of blizz to put up a aus server basically for free, but c'mon if the probs get worse there'll be noone in aus playing and TL2 looks like crash bandicoot.
well if this does not get fixed soon or atleast a thread showing whats being done to fix it i think a group of us should get in contact with the Australian Consumer Complaints Commission.
I can only play on lowest resolution and graphics possible or else i have major lagg, first i thought my pc was not good enough but my specs are way better then the recommanded system requirements. I dont know what to do :( also, when i play on lowest of lowest graphics i still have lagg in act 2, only act 2. Oh yeah and with lowest graphics, i feel like im playing diablo 2 again xD

I am just wondering if there will be a fix for this or if Blizzard will be putting up a Server for Australian Users? so that i can enjoy my game.

A Australian sever imho would not be a fix, seeing as we would loose everything we have worked hard for on the NA or EU servers, w/ever you happen to play if we re rolled onto it.
Face it guys, Blizzard dont give a damn about us.

BTW will those proxy help to reduce the latency ? is proxy allowed ?
I bought this game on last Sunday, however, i only play it in short time although I choosen US server. My demond hunter is used to dying as he is attacked by the enemy in lagging time. Is there any solution to improve this situation?
same problem its frusterating try another game then come back later maby it wont be doing it anymore
Same here I'm in the us and I can't play the game I lag alot one min ill be at full hp then I'm dead with alot of monster around me so plz make offline and online just like d2

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