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starter edition
05/16/2012 10:46 AMPosted by Cue
Downloaded the client on the night of the 14th and used a guest pass to register.
Apparently there is only 1 client to install the game (no distinction between starter/standard)

On the 15th, logged in to and entered the standard account. I can clearly see the the copy of Diablo 3 as "Standard Edition".

Launched the game, logged in and can still see the "Upgrade banner" on the top right. Went all the way to the black king, and as soon as I did the last blow, I got a big dialog prompting me to upgrade.

Did download the client again, installed second time, no dice.
Completely removed the game, installed from the hard copy DVD that I bought, still getting the same "upgrade now" banner.

Haven't been able to find a similar post, which makes me wonder if I'm missing something. Did send an email via the "Customer Services" option within the game and awaiting for a reply.
I paid for the standard edition and can only play the started edition Please HELP!!
I have reset my password reinstalled the game.
I've waited just over a week to see if it would somehow fix itself.
When i go to manage my accounts it says I have the standard edition but when I open It says I still have the starter edition.
why can't help people here? they are totally useless
05/18/2016 12:52 AMPosted by YCJ
why can't help people here? they are totally useless

Well, we can't help people if they (you in this case) don't give us anything to work with. What exactly seems to be your issue?
Uh-oh! The truck have started to move.
Just to update, please note that

1) Your KEY should be a combination of 26 alphanumerics.
2) The - in between doesn't matter when you enter the code.
3) The key provided (in the box received) is broken into 5 parts.
Lengths : 6-4-6-4-6
E.g: abc123-1234-aaaabb-1357-1000pq

Above is the format of the printed code you should receive . If it's anything else, it's probably incorrect .

Note: Above code is just a random example for Diablo 3. I assume it is the same for it's expansions.

In my case, my game provider gave me code short of length in the last part. It was only 5 character. He re-sent me the same code corrected. It worked fine.

Hope above info helps.
first day of 2017 and I'm encountering the same problem???
Hey Valentino,

I did not see anything on your account that should be stopping you from having full access to Diablo IIl. I did refresh your account on the servers to make sure they all show you do have full access to it. Please do log in again to see if you have full access.
My order status says complete, does that mean i can play the full game now? I bought it last night. I upgraded from starter edition. Help meee
Hello all
right now i am level 13 in starter edition...i want to upgrade to standard edition...but i want to know: which of them should i buy? first i should buy diablo 3 then buy RoS? or just Reaper of Souls is enough? please i'm eagerly waiting for your response...
06/21/2012 12:46 PMPosted by Staccato
is there any way to check if im standard in game yet? i have the same problem and i end up killing the skeleton king every couple hours to check which is a good chunk of my day at this point.

First you will need to buy Diablo 3 and then RoS. You can buy the combo if you prefer.
I have the exactly same problem. I bought D3+RoS combo on 1/11 and still can't have full acess to the game (can't trade, can't add other players, can't join public chat). A funny thing is that I have finished the campaing, what is one thing that is the difference between Start Edition and who bought the game. I've changed my password 5 times and my account did't reset as some posts about this problem say that is the "solution".
I talked to Blizzard and they said that it's a problem with their servers, and they're doing their best to solve this, but I feel kinda of dissapointed. A friend bought the game after me and have full access.
Is there anything that I can do to solve this?
Experiencing the same problem. I did not experience this when I bought the game years ago. I wanted to play again. :|
I Own the retail copy of Reaper of souls and yet I'm still stuck in Starter Account mode. I even linked the accounts. I simply can't post. It's sad because i want my voice heard. I've got things to say. Like how i can't seem to find any record of the Reaper of Souls song that play's during the assault on Pandemonium Fortress. Or how as of 2.0.6 The Invincible rune on Laws of valor heal EXACTLY twice as much as consecration without the BIL Rune. Or how the Rise brothers Description on sword fall is bad. Or how i can never forgive you for making the Nephelum and all the other people in the keep EAT HUMAN flesh supplied by Ghom. Off screen or no, that's disturbing, and very well written!

Looks like you are logging in to the wrong account. The account you are posting from has never had a full version of Diablo III on it. If you have any trouble logging in to your original account Customer Support can help you get in to that account.
I have a little problem I bought Diablo 3 and Diablo 3 exapansion store and put the cd key Battlenet 24 hours ago and all Started edition writes me why can someone help me?
Hey CrazyCat,

I see that the Diablo III Guest Pass keys were added to your account not the actual game authentication keys. Either on or in the DVD cases there is an authentication key for Diablo III and Reaper of Souls. You will need to add these keys to your account to get full access to the base game and expansion.
Is this issue still going on. this happened to me just now
Hi guys. I suffer from same problem. Bought Standart edition more than 72 hours ago and still can't play further than Skeleton King's killing. What's wrong?

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