Multishot Spam Loop

Demon Hunter
This build is designed to take down waves of enemies using the multishot skill.

How, do you ask? Multishot is indeed spam unfriendly. With a cost of 40 hatred, it seems nearly impossible to spam. A single rune takes it down to 20 hatred, but gives it elemental damage (never good) and does nothing else for it. This is not sustainable.

So... how do we spam Multishot? I think I've developed a build that solves this.

Vengence - a mostly useless skill that adds 25 to the hatred cap and restores some hatred if you run over red orbs. Since it doesn't speed the rate of hatred regen, it's not generally a very good skill. However, it is VERY IMPORTANT here! It allows you to shoot Multishot 3 times.

Multishot (Suppression Fire Rune) - Suppression Fire? But you could get an extra 49% damage to multishot! You could halve the cost! You could fire rockets with every shot! Why are we getting +1 discipline per target hit?

Preparation (Punishment) - Oh. 25 Discipline, fill your hatred to max.

So the loop is simple: Multishot 3 times, use preparation. Multishot 3 times. You should earn enough discipline to use preparation. Rinse. Repeat.

Suggested other skills:

Smoke Screen - pretty much mandatory. I like displacement, Lingering Fog is probably also good. Don't see the point of most of the rest here.

Hungering Arrow - The rest are useful against crowds, and you have crowds covered. And how.

Impale (Impact) - With Preparation, kind of awesome for taking out those irritating elites. I hate how Rapid Fire pins you in place, and it's one of the highest single target damage skills on the DH. If you're playing with friends who can do single target, you can probably skip this and live with Hungering Arrows.

Open - I like Chakram for small-moderate crowds that you can't get your multishot loops going on, but flavor to taste.

I like Archery for... pretty much every Demon Hunter. Perfectionist makes it slightly easier to get the loop going, but I could see dropping it.

Final build:!bef!aabaZb


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