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I just blew up my dogs and it said I killed 11 but did not give me the achievement. Is this a glitch?
Same here, more than once. It could be that by "one sacrifice" they mean a single dog blowing up. Either that, or it's broken.
06/02/2012 11:10 PMPosted by Fnord
Same here, more than once. It could be that by "one sacrifice" they mean a single dog blowing up. Either that, or it's broken.

I had the same theory, so I tested it and got 15 kills with ONE single dog off ONE single sacrifice and still nadda.

I even went to customer support and was about to submit a ticket when I noticed some sort of clause that said 'we won't review tickets regarding achievements, please re-read it and try again'.

So...yeah. Enjoy.
I did the same thing and had the same problem. So I tried without any runes to my zombie dogs and sacrifice skills and I got the achievement.

A simple little trick, run around like crazy and gather up lots and lots of enemies, summon your dogs and sacrifice instantly.

get 20 kills or more in a single sacrifice and get achievement...Just make sure you don't use any runes though or it wont work.
I can confirm this is not the case for everyone. I've tried 5 times with no runes on zombie dogs and sacrifice. I'm now sick and tired of hearing "... a perfect strike.." getting 13+ kills in one sacrifice each time.

Not working as intended or Blizzard developers may be retarded. I now feel retarded for trying to get this achievement.... Nothing quite beats the lacklustre testing of a game with millions of purchases.
I just got the achievement. I had no runes on either spell. Took about 10 tries, but I was able to get it in the Fields of Slaughter on Normal mode.

Gathered up a bunch and spam'd my dog button and sacrifice. I read this thread and tried once more before I was about to give up. I had a 20 kill and lots of them in the teens. It is definitely not perfect, but I did just earn this one.

Good Luck
I got this achievement yesterday on my WD I used the dogs with final gift rune and the sacrifice with next of kin achi it didnt work many times, but when i had just 1 dog ressurect from the next of kin it managed to work in normal killed 20 something of them which makes me think that either dogs are bugged or the achi really is for 20 of them.
Just tried a dozen times and still nothing. Got up to 40 in one sacrifice but still nothing.
I didn't see this before posting my own woes: -- but I'll add here that it must be bugged OR there are some conditions or restrictions that we have no idea about.

I have now killed 40+ a number of times (3 dogs) at the beginning of act 4 and no joy.

Would there be anyone from blizzard that could comment on this?
And wouldn't you know it.... as soon as I post that its bugged, I go ahead and get the achievement.

For me -- 60(7) WD, I went to inferno mode Act 4 -- opening quest, vestibule of light. Wait until the shadow critters spawn and start hitting me, then launch summon dogs. wait about 2-3 more seconds than fire off the sacrifice.

Good luck.
I just got it by using no runes on either zombie dogs, or sacrifice. Try that and good luck!
I did Act 4, nightmare, at the beginning when all the shadow demons are swarming around. I had already sent my follower back to town. I took off all equipment with thorns. I did have runes on the dogs and the sacrifice and it still worked.
Once the demons were around me I summoned the dogs and immediately hit sacrifice. It gave me the achievement.
Good luck!
Well, I didn't get it on the first try, killed 14. Second try, 11. Third try, 10, and I got the achievement. Either you have to get exactly 10 kills, or it is bugged.

The achievement says 'Kill 10 enemies with a single Sacrifice.' So, I'm thinking you need to be exact.
Vestibule of light, Normal, life-link rune on Zombie Dogs and Next of Kin rune on sacrifice.
Still very much bugged, and considering it's been 2 years blizzard is really doing well at keeping their promise of not reviewing achievements.

Got around 60 kills per dog and yet achievement doesn't pop up, and even up till now still doesnt understand what had caused the achievement to work on the minority.
Had been trying to get this achievement for a while. Just tried removing all thorns damage and got it on my first try.
I did this on Torment 3 with my friend's Crusader. He rounded them up I summoned the dogs and then sacrificed. We went to Leoric's Manor.

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