Buying new laptop, needing advice to run D3

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Hey I'm preparing to buy a laptop for schooling and i need a solid one for D3, thinking about running it on Medium-High (preferably high) smoothly of course. I was looking at laptops and was wondering if this one would do.

Lemme know what would be the to get for a price range between 1000-1300(Canadian).
Thanks for your help.
Significantly overpriced for how crappy the graphics card is.

Check this out:
(Even though prices are in USD, it gives you hint of what hardware you should get for the price)
agree the graphic card is so bad my graphic card is a nvidia 460M gtx wicth that card you can good to play but i suggest you to buy this if you want a good laptop to play such diablo 3 or starcraft 2

here the laptop :

and is price is 1 499,99 CAN

or this if you want to not waste you money because a good laptop if you don't want to change it next year you need to put money on that so i suggest you to buy a destok wicth that you can change the piece or component

or if you really want a good laptop i suggest this product in your price

here is price but i don'T know is the good price because is amazon

1 200,00 CAN

is a pretty good laptop and is price is good. so wicth that i think you don't need to change that pc many years

p.s i suggest you to keep your money to buy the fist laptop i suggest you is have a good graphic card

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