Help...Good NM build?

Witch Doctor
Having a real tough time in NM...anybody have any builds they have success with?!bUZ!aaaZZZ

Use your Garg every time it is off cooldown. The object is to have all 4 of your bar spells on CD so your mana will come back fast to spam Dire Bats.

This is how your fights go:
Spirit Walk and then Soul Harvest. Get out of the mobs before SH wears off. Drop Grasp. Spam dire bats until grasp is off cooldown. Drop grasp again. Re SH/SW. Spam dire bats. Rinse and repeat.!Zbc!baaaZZ

This is the build I originally used when starting Nightmare, and it made everything really easy.

You basically spam acid-cloud as your primary AoE, and use the dart to regain mana when you get low / kill off odd mobs at the end of a pack to regen your mana.

Your garg does a solid job of tanking and is a pretty heavy dps assistant when you run across a rare, where as wall and grasp give you two very potent area control effects to prevent yoruself from harm and hold enemies in your acid cloud AoE.

Bad Medicine and Jungle Fortitude make you and your garg pretty tanky when you do get hit, and Spirtual Attunement assists you with mana problems.

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