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Bug Report
Hi, my name is Josh. I think I have found a problem with Casting Hydra and Arcane mines at the same time. I do not see any descriptions explaining that one cancels the other, but that is exactly what is happening. If I first cast Arcane or Lightening or Fire(no rune)Hydra, then start to lay Arcane Torrent Mines, the hydra which originally had 3 heads, loses one head at 3 Arcane torrent mines, reducing it to 2 heads. The 4th mine casted will make the hydra lose 2 heads reducing hydra to 1 head. If you reverse the order, casting arcane torrent mines, at any amount, 1-5 at a time, then cast the hydra, all mines will disappear. I'm not sure if its suppose to do this, I cannot find anything about it in game saying that this happens, and it seems a little strange. Hope this helps, really enjoying the game, best of luck to you all.

P.S. About 15 minutes after I posted this I continued playing, one of the unique monsters with whichever skill causes it to create illusions or duplicates of himself, has all of his other selves, stuck on a corner inside of a cave. I am in Act II, the Sirocco Caverns level 2 in Nightmare. The 3-4 unique golden monsters are stuck right around the corner of the 65°-80° turn//slope. I cannot take a screen shot, they would be stuck on the corner if it were a 90° right angle. With one vertical line running downward IE |, and the other horizontal line running to the right IE ----. I apologize if that is confusing.
Hey aDD,

I saw this reported on Reddit as well. We have this fixed in a future bug fix patch, so thank you for the report! :)
I am happy to help. I apologize for not searching for it on my web browser, and if I wasted any of your valuable time. I was a little worried I would receive an online beating from you =p, I'm happy to see your response was positive. Thank you and have a wonderful day!!!

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