So, what are the rules for killing a demon?

Lore and Story
As I understand it the soul stones were created to trap the prime evils, because just killing their physical form does nothing.

In Diablo 2 you simply kill the physical form of Andariel, Duriel, and Izual. but everyone acts like they are gone for good, and in Izual's case it is made clear he soul is free, and is he ever shows up again it certainly wont be as a demon.

In Diablo 2 you are told the only place you can destroy the prime evils for good is to use the hell forge on the soul stones, and you do that for Mephisto and Diablo, I forget the particulars of what happened to Baal after you defeat him.

In Diablo 3 all the dead prime and lesser evils souls are hanging around sanctuary intact and are trapped in the black soul stone, and Izual shows up again as a demon. Super Diablo is killed in no special way and everything except his skull disintegrates as his corpse falls from the high heavens (edit: the black soulstone stays intact, not his skull). Everyone then acts as if Diablo and all the evils he absorbed are gone for good.

Can anyone put thing into a unifying rule for the universe to make it all make sense?

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