checkpoints in the end of ACT3 NM acting up

Bug Report
Hello, as of now I am running through the ACT3.6 (Siegebreaker) on NM for the 3rd time now. Its slightly frustrating as I can only go through the exact same dungeon in a row that many times.

Here is the scenario/what happened:
- I played with my buddy all the way up to Act 3.5 (where you have to destroy the siege weapons)
- He needed to go so I decided to solo all the way up to the point where I am about to fight Azmodan.
- I decided to leave the game and join my friend who recently got a copy of D3 for funzies and to lul around and get him some baller gear from AH.
- My "Resume Game" is now gone, and the latest quest I can start is "Siegebreaker"
- I rerun the whole thing up the Azmodan again, and now I decided to take a break. I was still able to resume game to check up on gears and lol around, but then my buddy came back on and invited me to play so we got back on and resumed at ACT3.5
- I told him that I wasn't in the mood to replay that part, and behold my Start game is back at Siegebreaker again.

Im eventually going to have to rerun it since I am enjoying the game. But then I think the gap between Siegebreaker and Azmodan is too long to not have a checkpoint or startgame you can resume to. Thats roughly 30~1hour of replay.

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