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I have been buying and selling quite a bit in the action house in the last few days and I have noticed that a small percentage of the time, maybe 5 or 10 percent, the items I list for sale will not show up on my searches that should capture it. I can tell they aren't showing up on other people's searches either because i'm watching the market and pricing them to sell quickly. At some point, usually hours later, they pop up on the searches suddenly and sell within minutes. This is a frustrating bug because of the 10 item limit.
It seems so, but have u ever tried to sort items by their buyout prices ?
There are only 46 pages that can show up at the same time and most of the time you won't see buyout prices on items because too many items are without one. So you'll see those without one if you sort them by "lower to higher buyout price" and you won't see items with no buyout price if you sort them the other way.

Not sure it's clear, english isn't my mother tongue.

My point is you can't always see your item if you try to sell it for like 4k buyout because it'll be listed at the botom of the pages.

They might increase the amount of maximum pages displayed at the same page and also add some options for researches.. You can't find rings with x-x dmgs with the "+all dmg" option and other things for witch doctors' mojos :/

Good luck with that
TehWit - What you're describing is not what is happening.

I'm sorting by buyout prices, that's how I know I have the lowest buyout price. I sort it in a way so that there is less than a page of items displayed. So for example, I list a 45 dex/vit rare at 9,999 gold, I do a search for rares with 40+ dex and vit with maximum buyout of 10,000 gold. I'll see 2 or 3 other items at 10,000 gold, but not mine at 9.999 (and I always do see it if it's searchable).

I also had my friend try to search for my items using the stat thresholds and buyout prices and he couldn't see them either.

It's definitely not searchable. Their timers are counting down, but it's impossible for anyone to buy them.

Edit - Right now, 5 of my listed items aren't searchable.
Got the same problem..they should fix this soon..
Ditto. I put up some more auctions earlier today, and a small handful of them just can't be found while searching, no matter how specific you get to the stats.
All 10 of my auctions right now aren't searchable. This needs a fix ASAP.
Pretty sure this is a known issue. A lot of time it has to do with if an item is socketed it sometimes wont show up on a search adding in the gem value (if it has one) so I'm going to guess there's a conflict with the actual reading of the item stats when it's listed.

I have had it to where all 10 of my items have been unsearchable and waited for the close.. only to immediately relist the item for much lass and it sells almost instantly.

Either way, there's no way the devs have time to read any of these forums right now and even submitted tickets are completely ignored. So i'm guessing we just have to wait :(
None of the auctions I have up have gems in them, or even sockets for that matter.
I can confirm that. Some of my items were not searchable as well.
Would be nice if we could get a confirmation on this, at least; pretty big issue.

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