GF is a DH, what's a good class to duo with?

Demon Hunter
I was originally going barb, but from what people are saying, in hell+ they get one shot like everyone else making them just as bad. If possible I want to stay away from monk just so we're not sharing gear. Could I duo through inferno as a wiz with her? Any success stories with two glass cannons?
Maybe a witch doctor? Looks like you're forgeting the witch doctor.
Every class has its problems in inferno, and if you pick a class that has no problem in hell, you'll be in inferno before you know it =). So don't let that discourage you from another class. I've seen barbs posting about success in inferno and demon hunters posting that they can't step out of town without being pwned. A skilled player who loves his class and is willing to put in the effort to get and maintain great gear will be able to succeed in this game.

That said, I LOVE my demon hunter. I'm only in nightmare, but that's because RL has only allowed me two afternoons to play. My favorite duo thus far has been with another demon hunter! Throughout normal and early nm, I'm killing things so quickly that melee friends barely get an attack in. And when it comes to bosses, thunder ball bola shot and impact impale (both of which you get very early) means stun-lock on every boss except belial phase 2. With 2 demon hunters doing this, just stand your ground holding left click and laugh about how easy it is.
I'm duoing with a wiztank (not the wannabe guildwars 35hp monk style spec/gear). Currently act 2 of inferno. 0 issues with him getting slaughtered quickly, unless he's bad and ignores aoe effects. The only issue atm is his damage is sort of low.
I'm playing with afriend who is another DH and we're both lvl 50 (well i'm a lvl 49).
and In NM boss are pretty damn easy since we can just stun lock and do a lot of damage but there are some mobs that are actually REALLY hard. (the ones who just jumps you, the tele, and the beast that sticks their tongue out and jumps on you for massive damage).

Imo, wizard is ok if you can tank using diamond skin etc... but I think WD is actaully a pretty good combo with her. Had a Wd in normal(so i can't say much) and it was actually pretty fun. DH using caltrop and WD with their summons blocking the monsters from coming to you.
I'm playing a DH and my husband plays a wizard. So far, it's pretty good, especially if we train monsters into choke points, set traps, and try to keep shooting from long range. The wiztank build sounds interesting -- I may have to talk him into that!
play a monk and go be a tank build, ultimate duo..
Ja, also play my DH with a tanky monk. Monk works better than barb in our experience.

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