I think I found the best crossbow ever

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and I need help pricing it.

I have it in the AH for 500kg now, but I think that's a little bit much. Does anyone know about pricing high end items?

One of the stats is int. For me that would drop the price quite considerably. The AH right now is in flux though, if you want to get a fair market price, you'll need to wait a few weeks to see how it goes when it all evens out.
int still helps with resist
That's not the best crossbow ever. The item's required level and magical properties are interdependent. This means that there is some version of that bow that may drop which requires level 60 because it has the max magical properties.
Considering there's no shortage of crossbows in the 900 DPS range at level 60 for that price or less I really dont see anyone ever spending anything close to 500k for that.
I agree with the int comment that should lower the price. Also the comment that it's not 60. You can put it up for whatever price you want. I mean, you have a better price then the 1.5 million start bid lvl 30 items I've seen... but don't expect to sell it. I mean if you do, grats to you. But I personally wouldn't take a second look at it at that price. Maybe starting bid 80K and BO 500K.

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