Best AoE skill for Hell+?

Demon Hunter
I'm currently using Elemental arrow with Frost rune... Since I'm not equipping Cull the Weak,(steady aim instead) is there any other AoE skill better for Hell and above?

such as Multishot? or something of the likes?!TYe!YbbZZZ
Nether Tentacle
Currently im using Bola with thunderball rune and nether tenacle
I'm finding Elemental Arrow with the first unlockable rune (forget what its called). The bounce damage is amazing! Using that with Bat Companion is my favourite.
Another good one is Cluster Arrow
I used the burning skulls personally. Most of my solo tactics had my enemies standing in a line, so it worked out perfectly. In addition, it's fear is a great way to support the front lines of a group.

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