Who has the highest DPS witch doctor?

Witch Doctor
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i only have 104k dps with a horrible hellring and substandard gems.. i envy those WD that have morethan 200k dps high resist and have high vit as well.


97.5k dps

Really I just started by getting a bad skorn and upgrading it along with crit equips.
157K plus dps for me, but I'm wearing a meh rolled hellfire ring with no CD till I'm paragon level 95.
my witch doctor before buff can do just over 90 k dps with totem and greusome feast fully stacked i can push 160k dps :D
You can check WD dps on diabloprogress.com
randomly stunmbled on this guys profile (3rd poster) to see whos still playing out of original posters and...


hmmm >_>
Cash (aptly named since that's probably his main currency to get his stuff, 450k unbuffed:

75k Life
800+ AR
227k DPS
75k Life
800+ AR
227k DPS

I love your glove, wanna sell?

I think the real question should be "Who has the highest DPS witch doctor that HAS NOT SPENT A SINGLE PENNY ON RMAH?".

An even more impressive category would be "Who has the highest DPS witch doctor that HAS NOT SPENT ANY GOLD ON GAH?".

Most of the top DPSers I've seen have ALL spent some real money on the RMAH to get there.

Personally, I'm at 180k+ dps unbuffed without having spent a single penny on the RMAH. Obviously, I've bought and sold on GAH, and I'm not afraid to admit that :)
I have ptv on.. gf has no stacks. I'm also in my farming gear on this pic... wrong ring, helm and OH for dps build. Have a good one gents;-)
Why are we resurrecting a thread back from May?

Once the servers are back up I can post 72k unbuffed, 150k buffed.
I think everytime someone posts in an old thread like this they should get a sound clip "Rise from your grave".
200k completely unbuffed, no passives and no followers. With a 2h @ 1.25 IAS. 41 CS + 475% CD is pretty brutal. Buffed, I can crit for over 2 mill nearly every other shot with bears. A splinter burst hits for about 1 mill.

I've seen much higher base damage players but sacrificing CD/CC for IAS lowers that max damage. I would only want IAS if it were part of of a tri-fecta. With a two hander, I really don't see a point to gain that extra damage from the IAS after a certain point. That is, when you find that equilibrium where your LS/LoH is keeping you alive and you are attacking slow enough that you aren't running out of mana too quickly.
is this a joke? with full dps gear on I have approx 320k dps.

screen shot? just look at my profile, i am using my pvp spec.
So pro!

But old thread dude.
Why are we resurrecting a thread back from May?


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