Who has the highest DPS witch doctor?

Witch Doctor
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And this is why "Elective Mode" is stupid. The game makes you bad by default, and you have to go check a mislabeled box to not be bad. The box should be labeled "Get Good."


sadly so true
05/23/2012 08:26 AMPosted by Karanji
I am at 33,568, unbuffed, just with gear. Could push it further, but I have a happy median for group play at the moment.

Screen shot of ur gears tyvm :)

Unbuffed in town, 47266

unbuffed and not using 2h bug :)
For all the wd reading this post the trick to getting past act 2 inferno is stack resists and crit, past act2 last night and am currently throwin my self against act III
05/23/2012 11:34 AMPosted by FlyingCar
So wow looks like my 43k hp means jack !@#$, getting one shotted in act 3.... guess i'm gonna have to sacrifice it all. D=

I think HP might still be important for boss fights. Diablo hits me for about 35-40k on inferno, and having the extra HP to run away and heal up is pretty huge, especially since he can teleport anyway, no way to avoid 100% of attacks.

Pretty !@#$ing useless against any sort of normal or elite mob though.
I'd be curious to hear how much life you guys have along with your dps. I'm at 28k damage and 30k health, with plenty of gear to improve on. So just wondering if for all these screenshots you're just putting on all the int and atsp. gear you can find and its not actually the gear you use for progression. Just curious :)
56973 damage unbuffed


What do i win?
56973 damage unbuffed


What do i win?

i see you gave up allllll of your health for that dmg let me know how act 1 goes
Im actually farming in Act 4 inferno atm.. No point stacking vitality when everything one shots you. Sound jelly.
not really, i have a hard time believing that you are act 4 inferno farm with that build/ health.
i smell a lie
How do you all get so much gold to buy all the godly items? I can get gold, but to have all slots filled with godlies? Gee.
Answer: they have no life.

have a good day sir.
good items are not that much gold on the AH-- just set the cap to 20000 and work your way up 10000 each time till you find and item that is better simple as that
How are you guys getting this gear? its all like 2million+ at the AH for good stuff.
05/23/2012 04:27 AMPosted by FlyingCar
Pets have been very poorly implemented, they do not seem to scale defensively.

This is false.

Pets scale with your armor/resistances, BUT NOT WITH YOUR HEALTH. Stop stacking only vitality, as it does nothing for your pets. Stack armor, str, and phys resist if you want your Garg to be able to tank like a boss.

See this thread: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5271500086
Hey TinMan, and those other with godly items.

Can you guys confirm that the pets really do scale with our equipments? I mean, do they become more tanky as we become tanky?

Anyway, back on topic..

I just got to Act 3 Hell. Very much need to farm items. I only have 4k damage and 35k hp.

Man you must be stacking weird stats cuz I just finished Act 3 Hell and I have 20K hp but 7.7k dps. Too much vitality?

My int is actually same with vitality.. both 900+ but I guess I'm really doing it wrong with equips. Yes I can solo Hell, but it takes time to kill things. Although, that much vitality helped me a ton of times.
not really, i have a hard time believing that you are act 4 inferno farm with that build/ health.
i smell a lie

Thats not the build I use on act 4 but believe what u want. That certain places I know about that you can farm with ease, of course I cant solo through the whole thing.

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