Who has the highest DPS witch doctor?

Witch Doctor
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Crop can you sustain bears at 3.13
With vq/raindance up?

VQ and raindance, yes. Just VQ, long enough to kill whites.
57749.19 with a 3.13 attack speed


dont mind the build in this SS, it's for great span farming

my poison darts over lap with this attack speed, the first dart trails the second of the previous cast
Wow! But with a build like this aren’t you really sacrificing HP. It seems like a few good hits and you would be done? And attack speeds increase stacks? Meaning if I have it on multiple items it will stack.

Sorry for all the stupid questions. I’m sort of new to RTS’s.

Everyone is sacrificing HP for higher damage. Even in my 30k dps, 49k hp, 400 all res with jungle fortitude, I'm still one shot by anything in act 4. In my 57k dps gear, I generally kill it before it would have one shot me in my HP gear or I die to something that would kill me regardless of which gear set.

51k HP still in the process of buying a better amulet and boots.

From what I see on the rankings the top 5 people have crap for HP. What's good with your 40k+ damage if you die in one shot to everyone? Learn to get some resists and HP buddys. Otherwise I would be ranked number 1 in damage if i forgo my vitality. Really rank 1 4xx vitality?
Tinman was buffed you could see in the picture he was standing in a voodo and he prob had 5 stacks of harvest.
dang necroed.
I'm not going to bother checking if it's already been posted (because I'm lazy), but if it hasn't...


104,722.56 DPS UnBuffed
Critical Hit Chance 42%
Critical Hit Damage +277%
Attacks Per Second 1.73
63k DpS unbuffed.

34% crit chance
274% crit dmg

54k unbuffed, could be 2-3k higher with a diff offhand.
Silly rabbit ! Tricks are for kids !


52446 hp
63914 damage (self buffed with totem)
43k-ish without totem.

1.93 Attacks per second.
25% crit chance.
151% crit dmg.
219-306 resists.

Get the best of both worlds, and you'll rock out with your dock out.

63760 dps here (92800 with totem)

I know a witch doctor with 85k dps unbuffed tho :P
i have 63k unbuffed..about to upgrade 3 pieces of armor with in this week and my dmg cacl puts me up to 87k unbuffed after upgrades
Unbuffed 52k damage. clearing inferno ponies with 5 stacks before entering in 45mins. VQ bears/splinters with wall and fetish ambush.
Useless thread, it's not being updated.

Some guy with a measly 50k is number 1?
Useless thread, it's not being updated.

Some guy with a measly 50k is number 1?

Rofl, yes they should update this i'm sure some rich !@# WD has 100k dmg somewhere...

#4: FlyingCar: Unbuffed = 39616 (http://i382.photobucket.com/albums/oo269/kineticsins/Screenshot008.jpg)

Hey that's the old me! :D

Here's the new 85k me (just PTV) http://i.imgur.com/youWB.jpg
with with 32% crit 316% crit damage.

And no I haven't spent any more money on this game than I paid for it (59.99) - i'm just as broke as you guys lol. I play alot (180hrs on WD, 300 hours in total) and have used my money efficiently.
my doc has 75k dps unbuff. kinda stuck without over 100m for new weapon.. or spend 250 in RMaH lol yeah right...
41.5k DPS unbuffed

Measure your e-peen without PtV. You can see whoever the #2 'candidate' has PtV on. Under his skills, he has a 20% damage increase from his skills.
This is about your gear. I could put PtV on and easily hit 60k
So measure it straight, RAW DPS.

My man.

Almost 103k

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