Who has the highest DPS witch doctor?

Witch Doctor
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my WD have 31k......;D
Im current at diablo, just got to him but died my first try. With the gear im currently using (for some extra all resist) I have 37950 damage with a mojo. However, if I change one or two pieces I'm over at 40k. And yes, I use bears, and yes, its awesome :)


Edit: If i had a nicer helm im sure my dps would go up a lot more
Highest dps Ive ever seen. No idea how he gets it so high 574k dps buffed.
You know, the profiles made this thread a whole lot more enjoyable.

That being said, I'm no where close to the highest DPS WD. With my current gear priorities I'd be amazed if I hit 75k DPS, even with the best gear. :)
I feel like I am in a pretty good spot for someone running with a good amount of AR and MF - I am at 42k unbuffed (no PTV/totem etc). I still have 48k HP and around 200% natural MF with 500ish AR.

I would like to see some more wearable MF set numbers with the gear swap nerfs coming in....I think its going to be the new 'wave' in terms of gearing.
46K unbuffed

in act3 inferno i go 100% vq/zb
i have 65k Health and 45k Dps. will be a bit more once i win my auction =D
This is such an e-peen party ahah... but I do enjoy looking at other WD builds
100k with ptv (37k hp, 500 RA)
got 57k (witch scoundrel and 20% buff from passive)
41k (PTV), 5 stack SH is 66k, can be more with scoundrel or GF

also 72k hp and a nice amount of all res(belive 690 is my lowest and fire is 850ish
unbuffed 37k

but fully buffed 116k and i dont use pierce the veil

if i would that would be an additional 20% extra dps

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/fr0sty-1592/hero/14727758 my profile
Here is mine:


41688 , in my non MF gear.

I do use PtV in this build though
I have 73,235 Damage unbuffed. Here is the screen shot take a look.

73k + damage

without Piece the Veil it is
61k+ damage
Need someone to update!
47505 DPS (non PTV), can push it much higher with diff gear, but i find a good mix of survival is best for when garbage like oppressors and such decide to charge u off screen
run around 45-50k hp , 450 resist all

act 3 and 4 inferno on full farm , 5 stack NV on siege/cydea/azmo act 3 farm
and full gardens growth --> diablo 5 stack on inferno act 4
nothing special, just cheesy bears spec


is profile, i equip swap to a 300+ MF set before killing elites

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