computer restarts now after playing d3

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Hey guys, im starting to have issues with my computer that it randomly restarts sometimes, and it happened after playing diablo 3

I played thorugh the whole diablo 3 campaign up to inferno without restarting when i first got it, but now its restarting frequently, and its getting worse, it use to be just diablo 3, but i was trying to play heroes of newerth a little while ago and it restarted on that, and another time i was just on firefox and poof.

i know that diablo 3 being the reason why my computer is restarting itself is highly unlikely, but i'd like some input on what the problem might be. I think its my power supply.
My only guess to this would be that it could be:
1. A driver issue. Check for updates
2. Too much heat (this was pretty much my case). My GPU started baking itself to the point where I'd get graphics glitches and the screen would go technacolor. I got a utility that let me boost the fan speed and also opened up the side of the case (my CPU was getting a bit toasty too). So maybe check those issues out. Monitor temps if you have the ability/utility to do so.
my temps while diablo 3 is running
they seem normal to me, not too hot.

i should have the latest drivers for my video card but just to make sure ill download the latest.
thanks for the input
yeah i also have a gtx460
The only temp that looks a bit high to me is the one that's measuring 86C. That's a bit warm... might still be ok. I wish I would have monitored when my gtx260 (a massive toasty beast of a card) started to freak out. After I adjusted the fan speeds and opened the case it usually hits around 75C now when playing for a long period of time.
I updated my drivers for my card to the update that came out yesterday (3/22) and iv been running diablo 3 now for 1 or 2 hours no problems yet, hopefully a fix :)
nvm guys, just restarted :(
Same issue here, necro necro
Same issue.
Ive had the same problem since yesterday and i still have not seen blizzard address this problem.
My issue is that my monitor goes black while playing d3 and have to force a restart.

And now my other games starting to do the same thing... never happended b4 installing d3..
I have been experiencing reboots as well. wasn't sure if it was game or my system. I have an ati raedon hd xfx 6870 black. I updated to that patch 12.4a to see if it still does it.
same problem for me, Popo, the game is playing, then suddenly the screens go black, and the system just stays in limbo like that. Can't do anything to bring the system back up. Have to force a restart to get it up and running. Has happened to me three times in the last few days. Very frustrating.
My PC was randomly restarting after I installed DIII. CPU and GPU temps were ok (once my PC got restarted just after I've started to play a mission on DIII and the current temps at that moment for CPU and GPU were 44ºC and 48ºC).

I got a simple solution for Nvidia users: i've installed (rolledback) on my PC the Geforce Geforce 285.62 64 bits and my PC did not restarted so far...+1 hour gaming and no problems...I hope keep this way...

I'll keep this post updated if the problem persist. Please, try it and let us know if your problem was solved.

PS: Funny thing...Diablo III Laucher asked to update driver version due performance problems while playing Diablo III.

Edit: Did not work. Still restarting...trying now underclocking GPU and Updating BIOS.
one thing to note: check your ram it won't tell you but warning sign's of bad ram are:

restart's by itself

and a feeling of anger/madness when it keeps doing it.
difficulty rating of fix: 3/10
troubleshotting difficulty: 5/10
Wow well I just had my computer restart also just today! I have had this problem before unrelated to D3. Which I solved by going into my BIOS altering your RAM voltage due to my recent upgrade to additional sticks. This can solve a instability issues related to good RAM that acts bad because of adding larger RAM modules. There is a guide for this procedure online. As for my most recent D3 opportunity I am checking video drivers looking over everything in case and connections and then will stress test computer on other blizzard games TFT FTW ;)
I've had the same issues with random restarts. But I have finally found a cure. I have an AMD hd6670 Graphics card and i downloaded the 12.6 driver. With it came the catalyst controller for the graphics card. I changed the settings of the Catalyst COntroller for AMD Graphics Card to low settings:

1)PERFORMANCE > AMD OVERDRIVE> High Performance GPU setting to 700mhz(mid set) > High Perfomance CLock settings to 1050(mid set)> Fan control manual set to 100%

2)GAMING > 3D APPLICATION SETTINGS > ANTI-ALIASING check Morphological filtering set to lowest and standard > TESSALATION check Use application settings set to 64x > CATALYST AI > texture filtering set to performance or lowest setting(left most) and disable surface format optimization > ANTI-ALIASING MODE set to left most or performance> OPEN GL check triple bufffering.

3) CLick apply setting.

The graphics will be craptastic. But it wont reset anymore. For the most part writings will still be readable and temps wont spike up as often. For the peeps with Nvidia, i suggest to try changing the settings as well to its lowest to a point where things are still readable. Hope this helps! Good luck people!

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