[Bug: Disconnect] AH: Completed Items Prices

Bug Report
I was just toying around with the AH and I suddenly got disconnected. I quickly logged back on and did the same thing and after a little bit got disconnected again. Here are the steps.

1. Have a list of Sold Items on the Auction House (All of mine have been to Buyouts). This was done in the Hardcore Auction House.
2. Place the cursor over an items sale price.
3. The game will have a pop up that says "Requesting Fees", which in turn will be updated to Net Amount After: Transaction Feeds etc. etc.
4. Now move the mouse up and down over these listings, having the game sometimes prompt requesting fees over and over and Net amount messages only quickly. Try moving the mouse at different speeds over a period of time so that you sometimes get the fetched fee message and sometimes do not.
5. If you do this correctly (and I just re-produced it a 5th time in a row), you will receive "You have been Disconnected. Error 3014."

Possible Reasoning: The Servers are booting the person for constantly making mini-requests by placing their mouse over each order and quickly asking for order summaries before the current one is complete.

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