What skills do you love?

Ever since I started using it, I love tempest rush. You cant be surrounded when you have it, because you can just break through easily, and also allows you to chase fleeing opponents down. I generally use it to quickly run away from a heavy attack, being surrounded, or crap on the floor.

I really love the "Way of the Hundred Fists" ability. Especially with the "Lightning Strikes" rune. It just feels so viscerally fun. I almost want to hear my Monk start going "YATATATA" like from Hokuto no Ken, or atleast make some Bruce Lee fight screams.

I dunno, it just really makes me smile. Wish I could keep using it in Inferno difficulty though.

I'm also a big fan of "Seven-Sided Strike" and "Exploding Palm". They just seem quintessentially Monk like and beyond cool. Wish I could again keep using them in Inferno though.
Currently trying out Exploding palm its like a old school d2 corpse explosion (weaker) does decent.
Deadly Reach with Trident Rune, still loving it in Hell. It's so simple, but effective. Warms my Heart to not only punch the guy in front me, but his buddies to the left and right as well as his crew behind him up to 25 yards away.
Love SSS with the last rune for its AOE potential but I can't find much use for it in current builds. LTK with the final rune is also a great abiliy visually and for its utility. Nothing like doing a spinning kick causing an explosion halfway across the screen with the imprint of a palm left behind.
i love MoE with backlash.

it lets me run in face first into a group of 30 or so mobs then start smacking everything with thunderfist while my character is exploding again and again and again and again and again and again.

ive killed elite packs so fast just because of all the normal crap missing me all day
I love every attack skill...too bad we have to fill our skill bar with all defense skills to suffer through inferno

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