Diablo 3 is crashing my internet.

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The past couple days I have been experiencing extreme lag upon entering any game. Ping is at 500ms minimum.

After a few minutes I will be lagging so hard that I'm forced to Alt+F4.

Now here's the weird part. After crashing Diablo 3, I have to power cycle my modem and router because Diablo 3 crashes my internet connection.

This didn't happen during the beta and didn't happen at all up until the past couple days.

Anyone else having these kind of weird issues?

I'm on Verizon FIOS and using a Linksys WRT54GL.
I have the exact same issues. I've been twitchin' and beatin' both my computer and the router but nothing seems to work. I even tried to reinstall Diablo 3 but it seems that i can't install it because my home internet crashes even if i try to connect to battle.net via Diablo 3.
For me the game is completely unplayable.
Same certain disconnect boom the whole router freeze the home network. SMC router just happened 10 mins ago. I had to power cycle the router.
im just having rediculous lag spikes for no reason my lag is over 2500 and its anoying as heck played all day fine 2 days ago and now this i started having the lag issues the night before srever maint and now its seems to be worse!
D3 crashes my internet all the time. I ipconfig /release and then renew and i get my net back. When i log back in, play for a few minutes it just lags again and i got end its process. Vicious cycle, and its starting to really get on my nervs.
This is happening to me, too. Diablo 3 is crashing my net. Whenever I launch the game, my internet gets hung up on it. This happens more than enough to make it a frustrating ordeal. The rest of my family will be using the internet just fine until I decide to play. I can, however, play other games or browse after I cycle my router or wait 10 minutes for it to go away. This only happens when I decide to start a game in D3. Even other members of the household have this problem when they try to play D3.

I do believe the internet is getting hung up on trying to connect to the servers. I'm sure they will fix it, but I think connection issues and issues like these should take precedent over other game balances. It's getting aggravating having a product I payed for barely working for around two weeks now.

Here is hoping they fix this sometime soon.
just started doing this for me. kills my net, phone, and tv all at once. my drivers are up to date and all that so dunno wth is going on.
Well a similar thing is happening to me when I am using my phone's 3G connection it works fine but when I try to use by broadband connection it just hangs after sometime and I have to press Alt + F4
I've got the same problem. Two computers on the network (broadband) - same issue with both.
Anyone know any solutions to this yet?

Would really like a response on this, as it seems to be a problem that other people are having, too.

Just kicked me off battle.net and crashed my whole house's internet a minute ago, had to pull the power on both my modem and router to get it back...
Same deal with my internet, I can play for a while, but then all of a sudden, the entire network disconnects.
bump same for me i have 2 modems and it's happening on both
yup same for me its laggy on start up then it clears up runs smooth and after a bit it crashes my internet completly. i have no router and have a hard wire to the modem direct and still the same. tried submitting a ticket and had no luck there tried to call and that led to nothing as well. and i still dont see a response with a fix in it either.....
Bump - i do a bandwidth test before diablo and im sitting at ~12.5Mbs right after diablo does it's thing ~.80Mbs have to reboot everything to get it to clear
same..constantly encounter affixes lag/3007/3003/316704...afterwhich router will go bust and lose all connection. fixing it repeatedly every 5-10 mins just so that i can continue playing despite the lag...glorious!
Some players have found that a firmware update for their router has helped. These are a few examples of how to update router firmware:

Linksys: http://linksys.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/linksys.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=4030
D-Link: http://support.dlink.com/faq/view.asp?prod_id=966
Belkin: http://www.belkin.com/support/article/?lid=en&aid=5947

Please post the make and model of your router, so we can track this, and I'll help you find the firmware if you need help.
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Ive been having the same issue, and it's getting FAR worse lately. D3 just gets very laggy, and all of a sudden my entire wireless internet connection is totally dead and i have to restart my router. It's a problem that only ever happens while playing D3.

My router is an actiontec MI424WR rev D.
Using a Linksys BEFSR41 with up to date firmware. Noticed the issue since tuesday. Constant spikes of 1000+ MS. It's really unplayable. It does also seem to be lagging my internet. My brother was playing minecraft on our other cpu in the other room and has been reporting lag as well. We've used both computers at the same time for over a year now (and D3 since launch), without any lag until recently. Comcast cable internet.

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