Invincible Minions Surviving Boss Death

Bug Report
I ran into this issue while questing in Act 2 Hell with my friend. We ran into a nasty pack of rare mobs with the "Invincible Minions" attribute. My friend managed to kite away a few of the minions while I killed the boss, but upon his death, the minions we kited away did not died and were from that point on unkillable. I understand this is probably due to the minions death being triggered by proximity to their boss, but kiting away the invincible adds is a legitimate strategy so this should probably be looked at. Thanks.
I can confirm this bug. It happened to me to in Act 3. I managed to kill the leader of the pack without the presence of the minions and they were still there and invulnerable.

This might be simply fixed with If <leader> = dead then {trigger minions death}
But then again it depends on how it was all structured.

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