Possible to PK in Act 1 Tristram/Act 3

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It is possible to train mobs/champion packs past the gates into the area where players spawn on entering the game in Act 1 Tristram, person responsible (griefer) will then hide in Cain's House or Slaughtered Calf Inn and can then open the game to public or have the mobs kill any/all AFK players currently residing in town.

This is breaking HC gameplay as a typical response on request to restore your character from such an accident would be met with "We do not restore HC Characters under any circumstances."

On top of already (always) having to deal with possible lag deaths, HC players are now afraid to join PUBLIC games in Act 1.

This is unacceptable and should be patched/hot fixed ASAP; offenders should have their D3 license revoked and their BNet accounts banned. Hostile mobs should NOT be able to enter inside a town or players inside should be made invulnerable to all damage.

PS: It is also possible to PK in Act 3 during "The Breached Keep" quest where mobs spawn outside of Keep's entrance; this method is less abused but is just as unacceptable to be allowed to continue/function.
It's not a bug, it's intended and it should remain that way.

It's just like in Diablo 2 Hardcore, there were only 3 rules to abide by:
1. You don't play with people you don't trust and never play public games.
2. You don't play when it lags
3. You don't tackle content you know could kill you.

Follow those and you'll get to 60 in Hardcore.

I think the loss of your characters are well deserved and should be a good lesson for you in your future D3 hardcore career, I am completely opposed to your idea of punishing people who only played the game.
This is a bug and an obvious exploit, D3 was not build around players griefing each other -- the absence of hostility should tell you that.

I did not lose one character to this, nor am i planning or going to; i know better than to trust morons in public games.

This was NOT intended.

Your excuses for this behavior mimic those who tried to defend TPPK in D2; it killed most HC games.

This will be fixed. Kiting mobs to town is not playing the game, its called exploiting the game and taking advantage (griefing) innocent players.
Almost lost a toon to this exploit/bug .. hopefully blizzard is aware of this.

http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/843/screenshot000zg.jpg/ This album has screenshots of mobs inside Tristram

My friend lost one by joining a public game -- SHOULDNT JOINING A PUBLIC GAME BE SAFE? AT LEAST IN TOWN.
I think this is by design. They would have had to do this on purpose because it works too well. You don't have to kite them. Typically they are so fast, if you run into town they will be trailing you all the way. Then you go into Deckards house or somewhere else they cant reach...
It kind of reminds me of D2 public Cow Games: After 2-3 deaths from not understanding why no one was going through the red gate, new players would always rush into them, only to find the "herd' on top of the gate... newbs began to see it may not always be a free lunch with harder content.

But I am pretty sure it was not intended that mobs would camp the town.
A lot of things, for example specific classes' skills (Demon Hunter/Wizard/Monk) were left in a state they were in on purpose -- Blizz devs thought the game was ready for shipping.

A week or two later they hot fixed a couple of classes and skills that were not functioning as intended, as well as putting a stop to certain chest/exp runs.

By design? No. Dev oversight -- they cant catch every little bug/exploit in the game unless gamers, like myself and you, bring it to their attention ASAP instead of abusing said mechanic(s) for personal gain/griefing.
You DO know what 'PK' actually means, right?
Others 'training' mobs to you is not PK.

If you play hardcore, you take a risk when playing a public game.. If you don't realize and accept that, you don't have any business being in hc :(

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