Why cant i buy back items?

Bug Report

I accidently sold three of my items to the merchant, instead of equipping them. When i pressed the first item of the three to buy back, the other two dissappeared.

So i lost two my best items out of nowhere. I believe this is a bug? Can i get them restored?

plz help!
lvl 60 Barb
I was in solo player game. I sold it to the merchant closest to the waypoint in Act 1 inferno, New Tristam.

It was a rare helm and a rare shoulder that disappeared. The Helm was like 60 str, 60 vit, 40 AR, Socket i think. I cant remember the shoulder, but it had AR and i think it had both str and vit.
I had a similar issue. I had a bunch of items already in the buy back list, and accidentally sold a ring and my off hand item. They didn't show up in the buy back list for any of the vendors when I was in Act 4. It showed the 10 items, and buying back a few of the items didn't cause my items to show in the list. This happened on 05/29/2012, somewhere around 12 or 1am PST

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