Barb Act 3 inferno

ok so act 2 was Ez mode.. act 3... i need some advice
i don't die to white mobs, its the elite mobs

here is my gear and stats

This is my weapon

i don't even know what to upgrade in terms of armor...... help meh
you want about 1k on all resists not just physical also 5-10k more health would be good as well as look at picking up a string of ears for the 10-20% melee damage reduction. Your weapon is insanely godlike btw.
yeh but i can't find a good string of ears i lose too much resistance. thanks :D
did u get all those from act I + II alone?
As a barb that just hit Act 2 Inferno, I wanna ask you a question: How far did you get to on Inferno and did you farm/AH the gear?
i farmed everything accept my sword, shield, necklace, ledge ring (not the rare one which is actually much better), and boots
Where did you farm those items?
all of his items are act 1-2 except the sword.
Doom = tier 14 = act 1
Sovereign = tier 15 = act 2
Archon = tier 16 = act 3-4
Rune Sword = highest tier sword = act 3-4
What is the Doom you're talking about?
You have lots of strength, and no crit, easy way to increase damage on this, char would be to buy weapon (~800dps) but with increased crit damage and socket for even more of it. ''

Anyway, I'm on a same boat, sort of. My stats are better than yours, 900-950 all resist, 53k health, I use battle rage so damage screen dps is about 20k. Also I have 46% block chance. Oh and I do use the belt with 20% melee damage reduced.
Still getting owned.. I can clear first two quests, trash monsters are not big problem (ranged fire attacks hit hard though), but about 50% of elite packs is very hard, anything with fire like molten, desacrator, shielding or invulnerable minions owns me. BUt with skipping it is possible to stack 5 nv.
If I want to advance further, to the depths, I'm getting owned there even more, just higher stats enemies, stronger elites, most of them very hard to kill.

I'm having hard time to find what else could I upgrade. Uniques that boost my block, don't give other good stats (if replaced with rares I could increase my resists and health by a quite a lot, I think even to about 65k health, and 1100-1150 all resists, but would lose 19% block. Not sure if it is worth it, ale I doubt it would help me, because elites that own me, do that pretty hard, it is not that I barely die, they own me.
With that gear there's nothing left to do except play better. I have way worse gear and have solo'd all of act 4 upto Diablo.
not changing my weapon lol. but yea i need to get rid of some str for some vital or something i guess
05/28/2012 10:46 AMPosted by Darkodium
With that gear there's nothing left to do except play better. I have way worse gear and have solo'd all of act 4 upto Diablo.

Depends what you understand by solo. Did you skip a lot of elites? Thing is I don't want to just advance to a4, I wan't to be able to kill majority of elite packs I encounter. And by kill I mean, not kite through half of the map, reset enrage timers and so on. We are talking here about gearing up character that can comfortably farm act 3 elite packs (maybe not very fast, but safe).

And there sure are possible upgrades, items with just lot more stats (over 200 str/vit per item), all armors with 80 resists, you can even have each armor piece with difference chance to cast (freeze, fear ect). There is plenty of major upgrades, just for now they cost fortune.
The problem with elites for me is you need wrath of the berserker and earthquake. For trash mobs, it's hard to kill them when I give up stun and defensive skills.
I don't find it that useful, berserker/insanity + earhquake is not enough to kill most of elites, they have millions of health. Often they drop just by 1/3 hp and that's it. And this is with 45-50k dps during berserker.
ye the trash isn't the problem. i have like 1.2k life on hit, just bought a pair of new gloves so I'm at like 900 all resist with a few in the 1ks and got like an extra 15% att speed from em. i heal fast i just get downed too quick..., i need mobs around me and i kill them...
A question, how important is armor? I've figured that All Resistance is more important because it includes physical. Unless they have a cap on the physical resistance and it doesn't stack with armor? Does armor reduce magic damage too just like physical resistance goes with armor? The description doesn't say, it just says reduce damage for armor. It doesn't specify what kind of damage but one would assume only physical...

Also, how important is shield block % chance? When I look for gear that's the first thing I look for. High % block, armor and high absorption.
Yes, armor = damage reduction (to everything), and after that resists count. There must be physical resist in the game, just to make it even, if armor reduces all types of damage, each type has its own resistance.

Block makes huge difference. Just it works only if you have good reduction (armor and resistances). Block is calculated after all damage mitigation. So if you get hit hard after reduction, even if shield block occurs, it can absorb fer k of damage (value of shield block). So if monsters take us 15-20k hp per hit, blocking is not that important. It helps lot more if we get hit by many weaker hits (that would hurt us few k health per each, then block can absorbe them entirely).

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