[Yes/No] Did D3 meet your expectations?

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Playing on a 2009 MBPro running 9400M video card here...10FPS dropping to 0FPS over and over...

Nope. Why do monks used fists when they are armed with swords and shields?
is almost an option? its still better than WoW and SWTOR, so i'm ok with that.

I'll be the oddball and say I also love the always-on aspect... love not having to transfer save files between computers!

Loving it today?
While I really enjoy the game, it didn't meet my expectations. Maybe my expectations were just too high, but these are the parts where expectations were/are not met:

1) The server(s) are really bad. I had no issues with WoW when expansions came out, yet D3 has issues with the game running properly, and in many cases my latency even goes above 200ms making it incredibly difficult to play.

2) The auction house is the worse auction system I've ever used. To start off, it's not working properly a lot of the times. It goes down, items go missing, items and gold get stuck in "completed", etc. When it does work, the search function is pretty bad. There isn't enough sorting options, and listings are forced for 2 days and can not be canceled. This paired with the 10 auction limit means I never have enough inventory space. There are also no saved searches or anything, so it's pretty difficult to find upgrades.

3) The game was too short. I had time off from doing anything because I expected the game to be much longer. The acts themselves were fairly short for Acts 2 and 3. Difficulty wasn't much harder as I went from 1 difficulty to the next. I finished Inferno in a week.


To sum it up, I really like the game and am glad that my first experience playing an action RPG was an overall positive one. There are still issues with the game that need to be fixed, but I really enjoy playing the game anyways.
Yes it meets my expectations... when I can friggen play it.

The game is not perfect, still need some tweaks and fixes but I've been bored for a long time since I can't find any game that can keep me hooked, but D3 fixed that.

If you are tired with all the kids QQing, you should try r/diablo on reddit, where posts are constructive and monitored.
05/29/2012 11:04 AMPosted by UncleN00b
And I realize Legendaries are supposed to be super rare (as in not farmable). OK, fine. But now they all have these random properties like that. Now not only are they super rare, they're probably just as unremarkable as most yellows that drop.

Legendaries are almost as 'unremarkable' as yellows that drop.

And TBH, I've found 4 legendaries since launch:

lvl 20 quiver - fletcher's pride
lvl 52 bracers - Lacuni's Prowlers
vl 54 pants - Swamp Waders (absolute garbage)
lvl 60 2 hand Axe - Skorn 2/ 120 intellegence on it =-(

Like you said, they're EXACTLY comparable to yellows, they just have a FEW stats that were picked by the developers to exist on them.

They're no stronger than yellows, or blues (as of right now).

It's AWESOME to find them, to see that orange text (that kind of reminds of you your d2 days when you find a unique). But then it SUCKS to identify them to find out they !@#$tier than your lower lvl yellows you're wearing.

However, they've said they're going to fix this issue in patch 1.1 with the PvP implementation patch.

We'll see if they actually fix them to where legendaries SHOULD BE, even more rare - and AMAZING stats.

And to those saying that D2 didn't get good until LOD, I say this: D2 base was so much better than D1. D3 *should be* so much better than D2: LOD. It's not.

You build from where you left off. You don't go backwards and then decide to start building. We, the players, expect that the experience of the game will be would be better that the previous edition of the game. It's not, plain and simple.
Yes. I expected it to be about as good as Diablo 2 was at release, and it is.

People seem to forget that most of the depth in D2 came from LOD and the later patches. This has led to unrealistic expectations about what the base game was going to be.
I didn't have any real expectations going into the game, other than "Blizzard has never made a game I didn't enjoy." While I have enjoyed playing D3, Blizzard has never made a game that I have been more frustrated with.

So to add my vote to the pole:


Was expecting them to implement some of the things we liked from d2, instead of just trying to cut out things that they didn't.
I like this game(much fun), but its game service is the worst Of The Planet.

So, I'll vote No.

and afterward, I'll not rush to buy blizzard's game until I learn its game service is worth buying.
Simply, No.

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