Unplayable latency all the sudden?

The servers *in terms of lag* have been flawless for me until last night's patch, but now I'm fluctuating between 300 ms and 1200 ms latency. Often times my attacks don't even animate.

Is this affecting everyone? I can't imagine hardcore being playable like this anything past normal mode, and in my case, that means Diablo 3 isn't playable... Since softcore is a royal waste of time.


I've found a solution *sort of*

The serious lag, for me at least, occurs during the first 10 or so minutes of a game. After that, it will stabilize at around 200ms, which albeit not optimal for HC, is manageable enough. So a workaround for this problem in the short term is to make your game, go grab a snack or alt tab for 10 minutes, then come back and you should be good to go at barely green ping.
I have been having the same issue as well. Normal games my ping is 100ish and its 300-1200 on hardcore games. I am guessing it is something with the servers and my area (southeast US). I'm hoping that it is going to be fixed soon but since there has been so few people even saying that it is an issue, it must be somewhat isolated.
Have you confirmed these ping rates are only occurring in the game and not an ISP issue? Do a ping google.com -n 100 in a command window
I have the same experiences as OP. I just finished playing my normal haracter, experiencing 100ms, no lag spikes, seamless play. I log onto my lvl 9 HC monk, and almost die b/c of 1k-1.5k ping. No way HC is playable right now.
I'm watching a HC live stream right now and his latency bar has been green the whole time. It's the one by Zaby.
update: average ping in HC ~450
average ping in Normal ~115

Been having the same problem since last night. Softcore, 65 ping. Hardcore, 750+ ping. I can only conclude that their hardcore servers are overtaxed at the moment.
Ya it's definitely not ISP. All of my friends are having the same issue ONLY on HC, and just yesterday I was streaming HC all day at 2400 bitrate with no latency issues whatsoever, then the patch hits and bam, unplayable.

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