Steelseries Diablo 3 mouse driver problem

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Dear all:

I currently bought a steelseries diablo 3 mouse for this long waited game. When I plug into the USB port it works fine. Then I go straightly to its official site to download its firmware and driver.... firmware successfully installed, but I find out the driver cannot install properly. I mean when I click on the driver exe file it can extract properly before I clicked start installation button. Afterwards the installation bar just stop moving at something like 1% and the status displayed "connecting" something. After 10 second it said my pc need to restart to process another step. After restarted its back to the installation screen, but it just hang in 1% again and after 10 secs it needs another reboot.....I have repeated this process for over 9 times and I have to stop this installation manually because I don't want to ruin my PSU.... I am using window vista home basic, a geforec card with nvida standard driver and nothing special.... Does anyone got the same problem as me? And anyone know how to fix this issue?

Thanks guys!
then post in the steel series forums about it they are the ones that made the mouse
I did but I thought some crazy gamers like me may face the same problem. I "wish" I may get a quick reply rather from steelseries staff :)

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