My build for nightmare,suggestions?

Witch Doctor!cdb!aabZZZ

Any suggestions appreciated. Just whipped it up in about 10 minutes due to me having to go to work. Any help would be appreciated!

Hoping to fill a strong DPS role for large groups that can still hold it own VIA boss fights.
IMO doggy are useless in NM, especially with a 10% soul link it dies in a sec because of its low IQ.
Consequencely sacrifice would be unusable in most of the time unless you bomb your dog as soon as u summoned them.
There is no need for Spiritual Attunement. You won't be in hunger of mana unless you spam Locust Swarm, which is a dot and spreads to 2 additional foes. Honestly I'm thinking that why do you choose Loucst Swarm but not Acid Cloud. Both spells apply an around 10s dmg reduction debuff and acid rain is more spammable and more dmg...
Well at last your main dmg resourse would be Fire Bomb but, in the fact, myself had a hard time using Fire Bomb in NM. It truly has a amazing visual effect and it jumps to enemies cleverly but it just too low dmg. I found myself not killing mobs fast enough and my pets dies everytime. Also I cant deal with elites using Fire Bomb.
The best build I have used ever is still the spamming Dire Bat. It does huge aoe dmg, kills fast and dont have a mana short problem. You can find it in forum.
I am currently looking at an animal handler type of build to try out. It is working great in normal but depending on how fast they die may not work as well in NM. I have primarily geared for INT to pump them up to the point where none of my pets die in normal. I guess I'll see this weekend when I hit NM (or maybe sooner depending on work and wife of course...)!Zda!aZaZaZ
I tried the dire bat one and while good when managed,I notice I was having trouble with larger group control. I don't really care about killing things fast, just able to control the environment.

Generally, I like to stick to grasp and acid. I love that fire ball one but as all of you have said, it does do very little damage(Unless coupled with the soul harvest), I am liking soul harvest but it is a bit annoying having to be in the middle of the fight as a caster.!bWc!abaZZZ
Any better?
Domuk, you should try using LS with pestilence if you have BM imo

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