Keep geting Disconnected!!!

Bug Report
Diablo 3 ran fine for me while servers where up yesterday early in the morning now I get Disconnected every 10-15min in the game while im trying to complete a quest! I do not get a error Mssg at all. It just says you lost connectiong and puts me back in the Hero selection screan. I have tried everything there is to fix it and nothing. Keep geting disconnect over and over. Can't make progress in the game its unplayable if I lose connection every 10-15min.

I do not get completely disconnected. It just kicks me to the Hero selection screen I can still talk in general chat or with my friends on live. It just kicks me off a game every 10-15min.

So I tried somthing switched from the US servers to the EU servers. Bam! guess what the game works 100% fine in the EU servers do not get disconnected at all after playing for 3-4 hours I got bored because all my friends are on the US server. What the hell is going on with the US servers and me?
It's caused by channelled spells that let you move, like Strafe or WW or Tempest Rush. Stop using the skills and the d/c stop. Yay!

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