I feel week.

Demon Hunter
Just getting to hell and after spending 3+hr's I could not solo Diablo I had to get some help from friends.

But the thing is I feel week as a class. My barb, monk, and wiz friends are more tanky and out damage me in everything I do.

Anyone else feeling like we are the weakest class or am I using the wrong spells or something?
well it's hard to know exactly what you mean when you don't post your build or your stats. Personally I do amazing damage and I'm just a little less tanky because I build like a glass cannon. If you want to survive longer, stack vit and defenses. You'll still do great damage if you play correctly.

EDIT: This is my build for Diablo if you're interested

I know most people love SS, and it is really good, but I'm still just a fan of Vault and it works for me.
Like holding down rapid fire is doing less damage then the barb with 3200 damage, I have 4600 damage.
Not a fan of Rapid Fire because you have to sit there and hold it. Impale does great damage without rooting you in place and the stun rune makes bosses ez-mode. If you want to go for straight damage then switch to Chemical Burns.
how do you know you are doing less damage is it just by looking? because then it may just be that your perception is off but idk
You can remain more than viable by just making sure you have some vitality on all of your gear pieces and keeping them up to date so that your armour doesn't fall behind. The dodge from dexterity is a nice added bonus.

I made the mistake of hanging onto old armour pieces with huge amounts of dexterity for too long. My armour and vitality fell behind and I started getting 1-2 shot. I readjusted my gearing strategy and things are much more manageable now.

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