Legendary Boots stats bug

Bug Report
I have a legendary item called Boj Anglers. they're my shoes and in the description it says "Increases attack speed by 12%", but the effect does not work when i try to equip/unequip it, my attack speed stat remain unchanged
The same bug appear with other legendary boots Asheara's Lock. Seems like all boots with attack speed are bugged
i have this as well. PLEASE FIX!
same bug here, i hope it will be fixed!;p
Please fix this.
Bump. Just got the same bug with asheara's lock.
I am experiencing the same bug with the legendary boots Boj Anglers
please fix
Bump, Fix.
just got the same bug with Zunimassa's journey kinda bumbed that my 3 mill gold boots arent working properly =)
same problem with ashearas lock
major bug..
AS not working on legendaries is a known issue now...
Increases attack speed % does not work, and should be changed to attack speed increased. If all items stated the first is bugged, we really need a fix asap. Counts for some weapons as well :/
same problem on inna's glory

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