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So I am buying a new graphics card for diablo.

I am getting this one hopefully but there is something I need to know as I am not to good with graphic cards.

Go to that link and left click the image. On the right side of the window that opens there will be two rows of pictures (3 pictures in each row). Click on the picture on the bottom of the middle row. Then look at the two black boxes with two rows of three (male or female) connectors.

Can anyone please tell me what they are and what they are used for?

***I opened my computer up earlier and my graphic card did not have them.
You mean, the one that is marked "Power cable"?
Ahhhh I see those now. I am guessing it is required to have both of them plugged in in order for the graphic card to work properly?

*Sorry for the noob questions.
No. If you have a good power supply, you won't be needing them as the power supply will provide 2x 6-pin PCI-E power plugs.
Just in-case that I do not have the required power supply for the card could you tell me what the two white ends would plug into? I understand that it would plug into something from the power supply, correct? Also, a name of the wire/cord would be helpful.

Once again sorry for the nooby questions.
If your power supply does not have the necessary PCI-E power plugs, I wouldn't try running that GTX 560 on your power supply. Not having the necessary PCI-E power plugs 99% mean it can't handle the graphics card.

But if you don't mind risking your entire computer + power supply trying to run GTX 560 on such a inferior power supply, these white plugs go into the molex connectors on the power supply.
My power supply is a

Model H305N-00
You need a new power supply. If you try to run GTX 560 on that power supply, your power supply + computer will die.
Thank god for you saying that or else my computer would have been down the drain.

I think at this point I am better off buying a new computer. It is starting to slow down over the years... it is about 8 years old.
8? Wow. Especially if it's a Dell... yes, you are right. Time for a new computer indeed.

You should check out the PC build guide I have over at the WoW forums when you do, so you don't get something that you have to upgrade very soon again.
By any chance do you know a site that sells good gaming desktops?

*** just saw the post about you having a computer guide. I will have to check that out thanks!
By any chance do you know if you would save any money by building your own computer? and if so, could you give me an estimate?
You would save some money by building your own computer, but this depends heavily on how many components you can recycle, and whether you have a copy of OS available.
Ahhh I see. Well I do not have a copy of OS available and there is no sense in recycling parts from this old comp.

Especially since I would be buying a new one to upgrade basically.

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