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So i installed Diablo 3 and i played it for a little to test it. I exited the game and came to the forums to read on the mac problems. I then ran the program again and it said "Install" instead of "Play". All of the files are here and i DID play it for a little, why is it showing that i need to install the game when i CLEARLY have it.
Bump. I had this same issue just happen
Having the same problem here. It's just telling me to install every time I try to run the program. I've already installed it. Have a friend over and we're supposed to play D3 lol... >< sooo....
same exact thing
Yea I had this same issue highly annoying. Would love a permanent fix!
Same problem, re-downloading to see if that changes anything, really effing annoying!
Are you guys dragging the D3 icons out to the desktop ?

Those are the actual programs D3 uses to run. If they're run from the desktop it may fool Agent into thinking you don't have it properly installed.

Make sure both Diablo 3 and Diablo 3 Launcher apps are in the Diablo 3 folder. And run them only from that folder.

Here are some alternatives so you don't have to go swimming through the HD folders to find D3 :

1) Make an alias of the Diablo III or Diablo III Launcher. Put that on the desktop and it opens the program from within the D3 folder :

Go to Diablo 3 folder -> Control click the D3 or D3 launcher icons. Select Make Alias

2) Pin it as an Icon on your Dock :

With Diablo 3 open . Control click the icon on the Dock -> Options -> Keep in Dock

3) Make a folder in your Dock for Games. Drag aliases to it.

Make a folder somewhere on your HD. Fill it with aliases for games and things. Drag it to your Dock. Drag it to the part of your dock after the partition.

This way you can have both an icon on your desktop so you don't have to go swimming through a file structure as well as keeping both programs where they should be.

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