Click your way to 60 and inferno mode?

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So, why everytime i get the 3007 error it apears a "click your way to 60" banner on the top right corner of the screen?
Does that really exist? lol
Did it apear for anyone else?
I'm guessing your using a friend pass?
It's trying to sell you the full game it looks like.
Nope, i have the full game.
Is that an upgrade banner from the friend pass?
Might be just a bug that happens with the 3007 error.
Also, i hope that blizzard find a solution for this error -- It happens every 5-10 minutes.
Hey guys, this might be a client side hack, waiting for further confirmation from Blue.

Edit: Blue was mistaken, but they are helping someone with this error out so you should follow the thread anyways.

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