What stats am I looking for in items?

Witch Doctor
Currently in Act 2 on NM, level 40

I am getting owned like nothing, I buy mostly stuff with intelligence..and thats all i'm usually looking

I suppose that s glass-cannonish, what stats will help my DPS and survivability?
I've been stacking int too and it definitely doesn't work out by late nightmare/ hell.
Gonna have to try some vit and life leech or something.
lvl 60 WD here, im farming hell and messing around in inferno right now and i use vit/int items

leaning more towards the vit since my build i use soul harvest, so it increases my dmg enough
Damage >Attack Spd>Int > Vit.
early into a2 nm you should start going for vitality items and dropping some dps. you can stack all the int you want but if youre getting 1shot by mobs, that int isnt doing anything for you. And dont be discouraged because a2 nm is a rough transition from normal. Start looking around for some more vitality and youll see your dps increase in later acts.
^ thanks guys, i was expecting to get trolled and lots of "l2p" but everyone has been helpful

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