[Suggestion] Zombie Dogs / Sacrifice

Witch Doctor
I've heard a lot of complaints about the Dogs and the Sacrifice mechanic.

The dogs get owned on higher difficulties. Meaning you pretty much only take the dogs in order to sacrifice them.
The cooldown to summon them is long. If you've invested much in them, sacrificing them feels like gimping that investment.
Using Zombie Dogs and Sacrifice means taking up two of your ability slots, limiting your choice of other abilities. This is a high "hidden investment" cost.

Here's my suggestion to Blizzard that would address at least some of these concerns.

Instead of a separate Sacrifice skill, make the Sacrifice ability a rune you can apply to the Zombie Dogs skill. The rune would work like this: "Whenever you have at least one Zombie Dog active, the 'Summon Zombie Dogs' ability will be replaced with a new 'Sacrifice' ability on your hotbar. Sacrificing your dogs causes them to explode, each dealing 275% weapon damage to enemies within 12 yards."

As it stands none of the runes we can apply to Sacrifice is particularly appealing. The healing or damage boost are nice, but not integral to the sacrifice mechanic. Sacrifice is the only skill I know of that's totally dependent on taking another skill, too. No one who doesn't have Zombie Dogs will ever take Sacrifice. Moving it to be a rune of the Zombie Dogs skill makes sense, won't hurt the basic mechanics of the ability, and opens the possibility of adding another skill to the WD's Terror school.

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