Follower bug: Act 2 - 2 Enchantresses

Bug Report
While starting Act 2 in Nightmare, my Enchantress was already following me. A player joined and she went to town to wait. During the part where the Enchantress first joins you, the player left and I was asked if I wanted my follower Enchantress to team up with me. Upon selecting "Yes", you are joined by two Enchantresses. I'm not complaining, though. Two Enchantresses are better than one.
This is not a bug. The enchantresses are two different entities. One is your follower, one is the quest related NPC.

You can also see this in Act I (Nightmare or higher) when you bring along a Templar when you "first" meet the templar. Your follower templar says something along the lines of "The darkness trembles against one templar, two is even better!" when the NPC templar joins. The "extra" follower disappears when they would normally join your party.
But the quest related NPC becomes your follower. This was probably intentional because the color of the armor is a bit different. I guess it wouldn't make sense to make her unavailable to hire until she becomes one with the party.
It is intentional to allow them both at that kind of time. For the Templar it happened to me. They even have a couple lines referencing each other.

Templar: Why have you come here, brother?
Warrior: One of our number has forsaken his vows and joined the demonic coven that infests this fallen cathedral.
Templar: Damn that traitor! We will make him pay.

Templar (hired version): Evil cowers at the sight of just one templar. Two will bring it to his knees.

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