Is this computer good for running diablo 3

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Gateway DX4860-UB33P Desktop & 20" LED Monitor Package

i dont want to spend to much money just wnat to be able to enjoy the game and not have horrible FPS lol please let me know cuz im kinda a computer noob
You will have an unpleasant experience
You could make a decent gaming PC for a little more then the cost of that.
rly damn ok now why would it be bad tho like i dont care if i have to run on lowest settings i just want a good FPS lol my laptop blows !@#
It does not have a dedicated video card and the power supply installed with it probably does not allow much upgrade ability in that space.
I spent 700 bucks to build my PC last Christmas. It runs D3 on max settings and I'm getting over 100 FPS at times.

Do not buy that Gateway, it doesn't even have a video card - Intel® HD Graphics 2000

Build your own dude, it's not that hard.

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