so im a fire resist monk and...

i've got a nice shield with

924 armor
17% block 1960-2794
131 dex
28 vit
43 arcane resist
31 resist all
7% life
reduce damage taken from ranged attacks by 4%

anyone care to make an offer? im sure there is an arcane resist monk out there somewhere (one with everything)
I'm a cold resist monk here if only that was cold /drewlllllllllllllllll

/sips coffee
PLEASE for the love of all that is holy hold onto that item for me. That is an incredible item and I will be farming some gold up tonight but I'd love to be wearing that thing lol. I should be coming into some extra gold via AH as well so I ought to have enough.

How much are you looking for?
id sell you my bracers if i had bracers to replace them xD cold resist ones with like 130ish dex and 50ish vit /3% crit
i have no idea, i felt like it was a great item for those who happen to have alot of arcane, i simply went fire because i have a great ring and godly pants that also have fire resist
Ya I just started stacking Arcane. Picked up a shield but it's not nearly as good as the one you're sporting there lol.
how about a pair of magefists? DEX/INT
would give you 300k for it
300k highest offer
Damn, if only there were some kind of game-integrated system where people could bid on items that they need...
damn if only said system wasn't limited to 10 items and it didn't take 2 days.
name to add you? dez, unless someone else has an offer
You can easily get 800k for that on AH. This is an end game item, the kind you base your build around.

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