WD shield or mojo

Witch Doctor
Hello fellow witch doctors im farming up in inferno with a zombie bears build and i was wondering what off hand do you use? I am torn between my love of getting close and being able to take hits or the added damage....for example i have 2 rare items i currently use a good shield and with it i block 58% of damage but if i switch to a mojo i would gain 800 life and 1.4k dps for loseing 1300 arrmor which is about a 49% damage amount + i lose the ability to block.

Tl:DR do you use a shield or mojo and why EDIT: or 2 handed
depends on what your build/goal is. i'm one of the few still looking to improve their garg's tankiness/survival in inferno so I use a shield to improve my beefy amount of armor. in most other cases though i'd say go with mojo especially if you're not using a garg.

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