Weapon DPS comparison question

Ok, so basically I'm just wondering which stat is usually stronger on a 2 handed weapon, %damage or +100-500 damage, etc.? Or does it just depend on the numbers?

The items in question:

1) 2h mace 878.6 DPS
+46% damage
+130 int

2) 2h crossbow 871.2 DPS
+164-497 arcane damage
+94 int

Just wondering how to be able to do the calculations to compare the two (if we ignore int). Thanks.
I'm pretty sure the DPS calculation already includes all relevant mods, so the 878.6 would do more damage.
I would pick the one with the biggest base damage and ignore the DPS stats. Look at the damage range on each weapon. The mace will almost certainly be higher (and slower), and this will give you harder hitting instant casts. The crossbow will likely have a faster speed and lower damage range.
Any other opinions on this? Basically, the +int is already factored into the damage on the weapons is what I seem to be getting?
No, +% damage has already been factored, but not + int.
Awesome. So the mace with +46% damage probably wins out? Also, how is the +46% damage calculated?

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