Highest DPS with Force Armor build?

I'm hoping to switch build but still maintain high as possible damage output.

I was using this
Basically I'd swap out Hydra for Disintegrate as needed, kite with Blizz, have infinite RoF for single target with max damage buffs.

Now I'm hoping to switch to a 5k hp build with Force Armor while still keeping my damage.

If I were to go with a build like this http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#.RXOSj!Yg!.bZYZa, stacking crit to keep Diamond up with Critical Mass, which spell should I use for my main click for best damage?
I'd prefer an effective single target spell, but that all depends on which perk I end up choosing in the end.

Should I stick with RoF and Cold Blooded, or use something else?
I should also mention I'm using Diamond to help replace some of the passive health regen needed. The crit and prism glyph on Diamond are also a dps boost.
I was under the impression that you needed to use living lightning due to its high number of hits for more reliable cdr

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