Bug with Monk Transcendence Scaling

Bug Report
It appears that the passive skill Transcendence may not scale properly when left in the passive slot from very early on in the game.

I noticed that using big spirit spenders to gain health started having a very small effect as I was running around act II nightmare. So I started looking at numbers and realized Wave of light, which costs 75 spirit was only healing me for 54 hp, despite Transcendence stating that for every point of spirit spent I would receive 17.1 hp back, so clearly it was not scaling correctly. I looked around on several forums and found no mentions of any similar issues. After some more testing that repeatedly had the same results, I simply changed the skill.

A bit later I used the skill again and now it works as intended. I realize that my problem is fixed, but I felt I needed to report it anyway in case someone else might have the problem but not realize it.

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