Auction House Troubles.. Non stop

Bug Report
First off i would like to point out the "timed out" error on the AH is extremely misleading, it leads one to conclude the auction did not go through, there by trying to purchase something again. Only to find out that you money gold isn't there anymore, and it took 1 day for the items to show up.
Secondly is the commodities AH, i really appreciate the way it works, however it does not actually work! There have been a number of auction for gems and tomes and such that show up at one price, i buy it at that price, yet when i look in my log, the "actual" price i paid is considerably higher.
Last and most irritating and disturbing, is auctions for items that i am selling, and show up in my auction list, and take up one of my allotted 10 auctions, NOT actually available on the auction house. I have a number of items i posted and now i cannot cancel which when searched for are not there, MIA. This leads me to believe and wonder, how is the RMAH going to work properly when there are so many shortcomings and bugs in the in game gold AH.
Please address these bugs as soon as possible.
Same things happening to me. I think these sorts of issues are why they delayed the RMAH.

Having 9 invisible items, that can't sell is really annoying. And the constant timeouts are just as bad. I had hoped it would be fixed by today, as I gave up last night.

We really need this cleared up, especially the "hidden" items problem.
Yeah, i am hoping it isn't a giant problem that will take weeks to fix, the AH is a huge reason and adds an element to the game which draws me to it. If that isnt there it is just not the same.

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