halp inferno butcher

I get him to about half life before the floors go perma fire

8k dps unbuffed, do I need to severly up this or just load up on DPS skills/passives and just make sure I dont get hit?

using heal/dps rune blind/dps run invul/heal rune and dodge mantra/90% dmg shield rune

for passives fleetfoot one with everything and dex to armor passive
Really just max out on dps vs him. You shouldnt be getting hit by anything but his basic auto-attack and the occasional AoE hook skill so you can effectively stack as much dps as possible for him. Should look for around 12-15k DPS for a quick easy kill.
Try using mantra of conviction, the dodge mantra with the shield rune is pretty useless on butcher, since you can move out of most of his attacks. The few auto attacks that will hit you can be taken care of by using serenity, breath of life, mantra activation (which is 48% increased damage) combined with transcendence.
I like using blind/dps rune, heal/dps rune, invul/4sec, sw/increasedmg (can switch for w/e you want here), I use crippling wave with the increased dmg rune because it's easier me to clear other mobs with this, but the main part is mantra of conviction with overawe rune.

Passives I run OwE for survival up to this point, Transcendence for healing, and then mantra passive for spirit regen or guiding light if with partner or something

Just make sure you are always attacking, invul when he charges if you can't move out of the way, blind every big hit you can to increase DPS, and spam conviction after you A. heal, B. blind or C. have full spirit or D. missing a little health and need transcendence to heal you

I've gotten the 2min achievement by myself with this build, sometimes you get unlucky with fires but just play smart don't lose your cool and use the healing wells.

My stats are 11k DPS with 2 1h's unbuffed (2h is too slow for this fight, slow spirit regen and need to be able to move on command) at around 30kish hp? You don't need much if you play smart.

Really? Fleetfoot on inferno?
05/24/2012 01:28 AMPosted by Crono
Really? Fleetfoot on inferno?

So I can get out of the way. I have serious latency issues so I still get hit sometimes.

Loaded up full dps just barely beat him in time lol. Need a new weapon!

edit: did it sword and board as I dont have a good offhand for it.
I only have 7.6k unbuffed, but ive managed to kill him as soon as the perma fire starts up

youll just need to maximise the amount of time you can dps him as well as using something with constant dps.
i have heals and serenity so i can keep pounding on him for as long as the fire doesnt start up under my feet, also when youre running away from his mechanics, tempest rush is a quick way to reposition yourself as well as get off a few hits.
also try to make him charge straight into the wall hes standing at so you dont have to chase so far.
8k dps, for me, was just BARELY enough to kill with a glass cannon build. I'm not sure it's possible to have that number any lower tbh. It needs to hit 8k dps or you die from the timer.
Time your invuls/blind right, you can dw butcher ez. and prolly get the 2min achievement from it.

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