Item does not appear in auction house.. HELP

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So i got hacked yesterday for 1.5m, and ended up updating my security details etc. etc.

I brushed it off and saw that an item sold in the auction house after i was hacked for 50k, so i decided to work my magic in the AH and turn 50k into a lot more. I ended up working my way up to a 1h sword for the barbarian called [Savage Centurion Spear of Incineration] with 729.6 dps. I told my friend he could have a chance to buy it on the AH cause he wanted it but i didn't want to sell it for cheaper than what other people offered. But after i put it up for starting bid 100, buyout of 269,000, neither my friend nor I could find it. Some lucky guy saw it and bid 100 gold for it, so now the timer is ticking and my 300k item is selling for 100 gold..

I'm hoping a blizzard employee could somehow reset my auction house profile, cancel my auction completely and let me retry, or something so that my item will appear to everybody and I wont be back to nothing like I was after I was hacked. Or cancel my auction completely and let me retry
This is happening to a lot of people, myself included. I'm getting pretty tired of it. It's hard not to be irked, because the bug is so much worse due to the AH restrictions. It wouldn't be so bad if you could at least cancel the darn thing and repost it. This last week, most of my 10 AH spaces have been taken up by stuff that isn't really posted. It makes the forty-eight hour auction time very, very painful.

I can't imagine that the RMAH will really be out on the 29th. It seems like this AH needs so much work. If people found these kinds of bugs when their real money was at stake, Blizzard would have a lot of terribly angry people, I'm sure.
yeah, that's happened to a few of my other items. What's more annoying about this situation is that it actually appeared to at least one person who made the minimum bid. Now i'm essentially out 300k if it doesn't get fixed in a couple days instead of having it expire like my other items that never appeared on the AH.
I did some testing on AH items. I was searching for bracers, had my level requirements and stats in, and only 2 bracers came up when I was trying with 20 dexterity. When I changed that to 10 dex, 2 new bracers were available (4 total now) both of the new ones with around 60 dex on them, changed the dex down to 9 and only 2 bracers were visible again. I changed the values back and forth to make sure they weren't just new postings and certain bracers only show up when you search certain specific values.

Also, some bracers that showed up when I searched dex didn't show up when I removed the dex box completely. So it may be that your items are there, it just takes a very specific search for them to come up, but finding that combination could be impossible and needs to be fixed.
I've experienced that too, Lothorien. I changed the max buyout to 150k, saw a specific item, switched max buyout to 250k and could not find that item again.

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