Why am I getting dominated in Act 2 at this..


My weapon is a 720 dps 1 mighty weapon. I am using sword/board.

I don't understand this anymore. I see barbs with half my stats and double my damage (wtf?) clearing act 2.

What am I doing wrong at this point?
Currently trying to rescue Adria in the sewers. White mobs DUMP on me. Elites? Not even a chance in hell to kill them.

Need better everything.
Because your resists are too low, and your damage is WAY too low.
And what am I doing wrong to have my damage so low? Str is my priority stat,and I'm even gemmed for it. a 720 dps..what am i not doing?
Threatening Shout - Grim Harvest is not good for progression, it's a farming tool and when you're trying to clear, you don't do it with farming tool.

Relentles - This is not really that useful, if you're getting crushed to 20% quickly, then a half or that is still more than the last 20% of your HP.

With only Sidearm and Provocation, you're basically forced to melee, meaning range enemies or enemies sitting in huge Plague area/running away with Molten will laugh at you while it regens.

I'd say drop Threatening Shout for something that give you either mobility (Leap, Charge) or range option (Weapon Throw, Ancient Spear, Seismic Slam)

And if your armor without warcry is higher than 6000, then Tough as Nails (25% armor) should result in more armor bonus than Nerve of Steel (1090 * 1.2 from Warcry)
Relentless can be replaced with Inspiring Presence or something that give you regen while kiting or if the last thing you killed didn't drop health globe (assuming you don't have any regen item on you)
I'd also argue if Berserker Rage is worth keeping, if you're dying to pack of enemies then Brawler might be easier to use and also doesn't turn off when you use Wrath.

Just my opinions.

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