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So where is it, it's already 10 A.M. on the east coast. With a game like this and the 7 million people that bought it you would think Blizz employee's are there at the office bright and early workin and at the least posting this early. Yes even on a holiday.

And yes I am ranting, but don't get me wrong it's not because I hate the game like the masses do on these forums, it's cuz I love the game and want to read what updates they plan!!!

So Blizzard employee's quit tryin to mack it to the starbucks cashier and get to work! I want my update notes NAOW!
It is a holiday in the U.S. today. Nobody is at the office.
I'm sure it'll be this afternoon, its only 7am in California, where blizzard is based.
Dudes it's 7 pacific time... give em time to wake up, have a coffee, read the newspaper..
And if you are expecting a comment at 9am PST, don't, well actually, do hold your breath.
There won't be a major patch any time soon, just words.
Its like 7am for Blizz HQ and they said its going to be a world wide announcement translated in several languages so it won't be done till after lunch atleast I assume, that way it will be a semi decent time for most.....well kinda.
Here on the West coast, its 7 AM. I'd expect it to come out in about 3 hours
05/28/2012 07:08 AMPosted by Inka
There won't be a major patch any time soon, just words.

Words give hope
I looked everywhere for this announcement that they'd be making an announcement today.... Can someone point me to where it says this? I looked at all the recent Blizzard posts, the blog, I don't see anything like that. It's really strange because they don't usually do anything on the weekends, let alone a holiday. Today is memorial day in the US.
The announcement is already on the home page for me
What announcement are you talking about?
The game design update that was supposed to be announced today:
WALL OF TEXT, full of !@#$ and empty promises. Like 99% barbarians arent even using Fury at all and blizzard is talking how every build should be viable ggggg
They are in a different time zone sweety, you'll just have to be a wittle more patient.
Is it long weekend for USA?

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